balkonzept balcony table 1

Here’s one cleverly designed table that works like a table, but doesn’t really come in the shape of your every day coffee table or desk. It is a balcony table that is designed to hang off the railing of a balcony.

balkonzept balcony table 2

balkonzept balcony table 3

This balcony table named balKonzept is a design by Michael Hilgers. It comes in a single rigid shape with a groove that is designed to fit the railing of a balcony. the main part of this table is an L-shaped section which acts like a personal cubicle. You can place stuff on it like a laptop, or a book and go about using it just like a table in the balcony. This makes it possible to be able to use a table only by using the railing, which is exceptionally suitable for small balconies.

At the top of the balcony table there is a place to put potted plants, which can be placed to increase the stability of the balcony table in addition to adding a touch of refreshing flora and fauna to the balcony.

A cleverly designed table that is practical and convenient to use.