cool diy lego key hanger 1

There are many types of key holders, like the classic hook style and the magnetic types. However here’s one key holder that is made completely from Lego blocks.

cool diy lego key hanger 2

This is a Lego key hanger/holder made simply with a few pieces of Lego blocks from Felix Grauer. The key hanger is made using a Lego baseplate, pieces of Lego with holes in them and key rings. Add on a few pieces of blocks for customization and the Lego key holder is complete.

Definitely a cool DIY project for a simple and geeky-looking key holder. The good thing is that the key chains come in the same theme as the Lego key holder itself so they will certainly match. Also, as the Lego pieces come in many different colors so it automatically color-codes the key chains for quick and simple retrieval.

One cool DIY Lego key holder that anyone can make for their homes.