landcrawler skateboard 1

This is one cool-looking skateboard, a landcrawler skateboard to be exact. Instead of four wheels, this skateboard named the ‘Landcrawler Double Extreme’ makes use of 24 motor-powered small crab-like legs that move in tandem to travel about. Definitely looks quite steampunkish with the metal parts together with the motor and mechanisms that drive it along.

landcrawler skateboard 2

landcrawler skateboard 3

landcrawler skateboard 4

Since it comes with a power source, there’s isn’t a need to push the skateboard along the traditional way. The cool part is that the forward movement for this landcrawler skateboard is wirelessly controlled via Bluetooth from an Android smartphone. As for steering, it’s somewhat similar to that of the original skateboard which is by having the rider shift his weight from side to side to curve in the desired direction.

Watch the video of the landcrawler skateboard by vagabondworks below:



A really cool electronic and mechanical take on the skateboard, which simply put, is just a flat piece of wood running on four small wheels.