led alarm clock with usb outlet 1

The worst thing that can happen to us in this age of technology is to forget to get our portable gadgets fully charged before getting out of the house. Here’s one alarm clock that provides an accessible way to connect our portable devices for charging as we sleep, so that we’ll always wake up with a fully charged smartphone or tablet for the day.

led alarm clock with usb outlet 2

led alarm clock with usb outlet 3

This LED alarm clock works just like a regular alarm clock, but comes with an additional useful feature. It comes with USB ports that can be used for charging gadgets with. The clock plugs into and electrical outlet, where it is able to convert electricity from AC mains to USB compatible form for charging portable electronics such as smartphones and tablet PCs.

When its time to sleep, simply use the USB port found on on the alarm clock for charging and you’ll be able to charge it as you sleep. With the alarm clock, even if you also use the alarm clock function app in a smartphone, it will still act as a useful backup alarm.

A useful feature for an alarm clock that will help to remind us to charge our gadgets before sleeping.

The LED alarm clock with USB outlet retails for $77.63 from Amazon.