legrand adorne pop-out outlet

Here’s a cool-looking power outlet that makes it unnecessary to hide wall power outlets that can look unsightly when they break the look and feel of a well-designed room.

This power outlet called the Adorne Pop-Out Outlet from Legrand is a power outlet that is made to replace an existing wall-mounted power outlet. How it is different from a normal wall power outlet is that the sockets can be hidden to be out of sight easily with a pop-out mechanism built into it.

This pop-out design allows the sockets to stay hidden and flush with the wall when not in use. When an electrical appliance needs to be plugged in, give it a push and the socket will pop out for use. This will make it very suitable for outlets that are placed in a prominent part of a house yet aren’t in use most of the time.

Watch the video of the Legrand Adorne pop-out outlet in action below:



A clever design for a sleek-looking pop-out electrical outlet that makes a house look more beautiful.

The cool Adorne pop-out outlet retails for $47.98 from Amazon.