prism nightlight 1

Here’s a cool project that makes a lamp look very cool and exquisite, a lamp that not looks like a sculpted rock, but is made to switch on and off simply by rocking it from one side to the other.

prism nightlight 2

prism nightlight 3

This lamp called the Prism Nightlight is a project by Nicholas Baker. Taking the idea of a see-saw, a lamp is built inside a specially crafted translucent case with wooden sides.

Depending on the angle of of the sea-saw lamp, the light can be controlled to switch on or off. Simply rock it to one side for light, then rock it to the other side to switch it off.

A cool and beautiful-looking design for a lamp that surely many would want in their home.

For more info on this homemade project, visit Nicholas Baker’s blog to see how it was made.