cool super mario themed pipe lamp 1

Super Mario is the famous character from Nintendo portrayed as an Italian plumber who goes around a fantasy world trying to save Princess Peach. Here’s one lamp designed and dedicated to Super Mario with a pipe theme.

cool super mario themed pipe lamp 2

The main pipe which houses the electrical parts is an old-looking pipe. On one end, instead of a valve or tap, a light bulb is attached on it. Obviously this is one pipe that doesn’t deliver any sort of liquid or gas, but one that delivers light.

The main feature of this Super Mario pipe-themed lamp has to be the way it is switched on or off. At the left side there is the recognizable green pipe just like from the Super Mario series of games.

Above the green pipe you’ll find Super Mario dangling from a chain, perhaps to show Mario in action like how he pops out of a green pipe in the game. To toggle the light on and off, all you need is to give Mario a tug on the chain and the light can be switched on or off.

A true work of art dedicated towards the Nintendo game that has evolved since its humble beginnings. The best thing about this is that can be bought and placed in your own home.

One awesome-looking lamp fit for the ultimate Super Mario fan.

The cool Super Mario pipe lamp retails for $189.35 from Etsy.