mario-shelf-pipe 1

This uber geek Mario shelf built by a couple from Germany certainly provides a great idea for a gaming geek’s room, even so if it’s the room of a true-blue Mario geek.

mario-shelf-pipe 2

The colorful set of shelves come with question marked compartments just like in the series of Mario games; unfortunately (or fortunately) to open it you do not need to jump up and hit it from below. Simply swing the lid up to access its contents.

mario-shelf-pipe 3

Just like the shelf, the green pipe is definitely a familiar sight from the game as it acts like a side-table for a cordless phone and charger. Another great addition is the 8-bit LCD clock with the Italian plumber spinning round all day long.

mario-shelf-pipe 4

Absolutely great build, and it definitely helps to have a girlfriend who’s a student in mechanical engineering who can really build stuff.