crab vending machine

Vending machines are most commonly used to dispense drinks such as soda and coffee but there is one in China that dispenses live crabs! Vending machines these days can dispense anything from freshly baked pizza to hot-piping ramen but one that deals with live seafood is surely out of the ordinary.

The Shanghai hairy crab is a delicacy in Shanghai cuisine and this vending machine makes it easy for the hairy crabs to be sold at anytime of the day. The hairy crabs are stored at a temperature of 5 degrees Celsius with the vending machine acting like a fridge which keeps them in hibernation until they are dispensed from the machine when someone walks up for a purchase.

It does look like a creative idea to sell fresh seafood around the clock and anywhere without the need of the original seller around to tend to his wares. At least the good thing is that the owner of the machine also promises three free crabs if one happens to receive one that’s dead on arrival.