credit card fork design 1

Need a fork to eat somewhere outdoors? here’s one interesting credit card that will turn into a fork for times when you never thought you’d need one.

credit card fork design 2

credit card fork design 3

This credit card cutlery design, is a credit card sized piece of plastic that comes with pre-made jagged cuts within. It looks just like a usual card which can be placed in the wallet, and when the need arises it can be whipped out in an instant from the wallet and turned into a fork.

All the card needs is a slight bend in the middle and the top section of a form pops out. With this, the credit card fork can be used just like a usual fork, with the remainder of the card for use as the handle or for hanging by the side of a bowl.

One interesting idea for a credit card tool, and in this case one that transforms into a useful piece of cutlery. How about a spoon or knife version as well? Just to make it a complete set.