frog and bird animal salt and pepper shakers 1

The last thing one would expect when using set of salt and pepper shaker is to hear animal sounds. However this is exactly what this set does.

frog and bird animal salt and pepper shakers 2

This pair of salt and pepper shakers, one shaped like a frog and the other like a bird, are containers that let you place condiments into them and dispense them during the preparation of food or just before taking a bite.

On the outside, they already don’t look like ordinary and bland salt and pepper shakers but come in the form of a pair of cute animals, being the frog and a bird. On top of that, when you start shaking to get salt or pepper out of them, they start making sounds. The frog makes croaking sounds, while the bird makes tweeting sounds which will definitely offer a nice surprise to someone who uses it for the first time.

A pair of animal-themed salt and pepper shakers that will spice up both the atmosphere and your food during mealtime.

The croaking frog and tweeting bird salt and shaker set retails for $10 from Brando Gadgets.