ctrl+o bottle opener 1

They keyboard shortcut the uses the combination of the ‘ctrl’ and ‘o’ buttons have been used universally on PCs as a means of opening files on most applications for years. This ctrl+o keyboard shortcut inspired bottle opener gadget from Art. Lebedev now exists in real life, not for opening files on the computer but for opening bottles.

ctrl+o bottle opener 2

The clever design takes in consideration of the shape of letter the letter O as the main part of the bottle opening mechanism. The accompanying word ‘ctrl’ has also been etched on to the smooth polished stainless steel surface of the rest of the bottle opener’s body meant to be used as the handle.

An interesting design derived from a commonly used keyboard shortcut that not only preserves its original purpose but also turns it into a gadget that can be applied in real life. The ctrl+o bottle opener goes for about $18 at Art. Lebedev.