cube 17 led light cube 1

Need an outdoor table and a light at the same time? Why not use a two-in-one furniture that not can not only be used as a table but also as a source of light at the same time. This is the Cube 17, a gigantic light cube that measures 17x17x17 inches and comes with LED lights built right inside.

cube 17 led light cube 2

Besides being the structural support of the Cube 17 for holding stuff up to 300lbs to be used either as a table or stool, the translucent surface of the LED light cube also help to diffuse the light source so the entire cube lights up evenly around. It also comes with four brightness levels and twenty color settings so it will have the flexibility to match the lively mood of partygoers to the serenity of a tranquil garden setting.

cube 17 led light cube 3

cube 17 led light cube 4

The light cube is also completely waterproof so it will be safe from splashes when placed near the poolside.

A rechargeable battery within the cube makes the Cube 17 portable so it can be charged beforehand in the charger base included in the package and then placed practically anywhere after charging without the need of restricting power cables. LED lights are also known for their efficiency so the Cube 17 will be able to last for hours on a full charge.

A cool and futuristic-looking piece of furniture cum lighting source for both indoors and outdoors.

The Cube 17 cordless LED light cube retails for $179 from Amazon.