cupmen 4 cupmen twins cup noodle buddy 1

Here’s the 4th generation of the ever-popular Cupmen cup noodle helpers from Japan. These are the reusable cup noodle helpers that are thermo-sensitive and turn completely colorless in exactly the same time it takes for a cup noodles to be cooked. Not only that, they also help to keep the lid secure to ensure that steam does not escape from the cup noodles.

cupmen 4 cupmen twins cup noodle buddy 2

cupmen 4 cupmen twins cup noodle buddy 3

The 4th generation of Cupmen, this time come in pairs. Not as a guy, or a lady, but a pair of playful twins that can hold on to each other. The two of them are much smaller in size they should probably be called Cupkids instead.

cupmen 4 cupmen twins cup noodle buddy 4

These Cupmen twins, make the top of a cup noodles their playground and with their hooked arms are able to hug each other playfully as the noodles cook. As the cup noodles cook, the color on the Cupmen twins will gradually disappear and when they are completely void of any color, your cup noodles are done. As the Cupmen twins cool down from their hard work, their colors will also gradually return to them, ready for their next cup noodle mission.

The Cupmen Twins are sold in a variety of color combinations and retail for 840 yen per set of two from Rakuten Global.