custom fight sticks from broken xbox 360 consoles

What do you do if you ran out of luck with your Xbox 360 and had not one, but two of them die on you? I guess most of us will just resign to our fates and probably get a new gaming console. But it seems that even broken Xbox consoles can still find themselves useful even after they have met their maker. Thanks to Australian Shoryuken member ebil, who used the casings from broken Xbox 360 consoles to make his own custom fight sticks!

The two fight sticks were made for the Playstation 3/PC and Xbox 360 respectively and they both feature the joystick and six buttons controller configuration on the flat side of the casing. Definitely a creative way to make use of broken Xbox 360s and inevitably mocking the seemingly short lifespans of these game consoles in the process.

The next project he’s working on is a mod to turn the Playstation 3 fight stick to be compatible with the Xbox 360 console via a switchable board. Absolutely impressive for showing us an alternative to getting a stock fighting game fight stick if one happens to possess the know-how.