cute 3d rilakkuma iphone 5 case 1

With the iPhone 4 version of the Rilakkuma silicone case a big hit, the cute Rilakkuma case for iPhone 5 is also available and in a 3D style.

cute-3d-rilakkuma-iphone-5-case 2

The 3D style Rilakkuma iPhone 5 silicone case not only comes with ears but also turns the outline of the iPhone 5 into that of the Japanese cartoon bear. The case covers the entire back of the iPhone 5 except for the camera, so when you hold it up for a phone call you almost look as if you’re holding Rilakkuma to your ears.

Just like all cases, the Rilakkuma case still allows the access of all the ports for the iPhone 5, and will help to protect the back and sides of the iPhone from scratches and tiny bumps.

The cute 3D Rilakkuma iPhone 5 case retails for $15.99 from Amazon.