cute seasoning shakers 1
a bunch of salt and pepper shakers that will make any kitchen look anything but plain and ordinary. Seasoning shakers that can hold anything from salt, pepper or spice that look like snow globes.

cute seasoning shakers 2

The seasoning shakers are containers that contain not just the seasoning of your choice, but also a cute little animal such as a camel or a seasonal plant such as cactus. Compared to an ordinary salt and pepper shakers, these will act as nice little decoration on the dining table or countertop, which will make the place look just a little more fun and lively.

The seasoning shakers come in 4 shakers per set, in two distinct themes namely ‘Animal Parade’ and ‘Four Seasons’. Perhaps an ultra creative way is to conjure up your own mix of spices to go with each of the shakers in the theme, making it a great talking point when you have guests over for meals.

The cute animal and scenery seasoning shakers from Qualy go for 3,000 yen per set from Japanese retailer Rakuten.