cute animal usb charger 1

USB AC adaptors as we know are necessary devices needed to power USB gadgets direct from a wall socket without a computer. Most of them usually look plain and boring in colors like white or black, however here’s one that’s not.

cute animal usb charger 2

cute animal usb charger 3

This is a set of cute-looking USB AC adaptor chargers that do not look boring at all. They function just like the usual USB charger, but have been designed to look cute in the form of animals.

When plugged into an electrical outlet, the USB adaptor looks like it is hugging the wall playfully. The USB port is located at the bottom, so when a USB cable is plugged into it, it looks like the animal’s tail is hanging from it.

A set of cute-looking USB chargers that are useful and act as decorations even when plugged into an electrical socket.

The cute animal USB AC adaptor chargers comes in 3 designs, hamster, bunny, and cat and retails for 1,580 yen from Strapya Japan.