ashiato animal footprint slippers cat

These cute Ashiato Japanese beach slippers are slippers that leave behind footprints in the sand at the beach. Just like how animals leave their prints in the wild, wearing them will make the wearer feel almost non-human in a cute way.

ashiato animal footprint slippers gecko

ashiato animal footprint slippers owl

ashiato animal footprint slippers monkey

ashiato animal footprint slippers tyrannosaurus rex

There are five animal designs namely cat, gecko, owl, monkey and the last which is the most surprising of all – Tyrannosaurus Rex, which can possibly freak out some people down at the beach some day if the sun, moon and stars happen to be aligned across the sky in a magical arc.

The slippers are designed for children around the age of three. Certainly a fun pair of slippers for kids to wear for a day at the beach, I suspect the grown-ups will also want to wear them as well. That’ll pretty much be impossible until they start selling adult sizes or if someone invents a foot-shrinking machine.

The Ashiato Japanese animal footprints slippers sell for 2,625-2,835 yen depending on size from kiko-kids.