cute at-at walker plush utility bag 1

While not being used as tools for warfare in the Star Wars movies, these AT-AT walkers have found another purpose by themselves, as plush utility bags.

cute at-at walker plush utility bag 2

cute at-at walker plush utility bag 3

From a large, tall and heavy and cold metallic machine, the AT-AT have been transformed into cute plush utility bags that can be carried around for daily use. Unfortunately there are no mechanical parts that can make this AT-AT plush utility bags move like the ones in the movie, but you can be rest assured they are still capable of transporting anything that can fit in their smaller but useful empty belly.


  • Looks like a blown up SD Plush AT-AT, but this one is a shoulder bag!
  • Two zippered pockets (in head and main body) hold all your junk.
  • Small Head Pocket: approx. 3.75" wide x 4" deep.
  • Large Body Pocket: approx. 10" wide x 10.5" at its deepest point.
  • Approximately 17" x 4.25" x 15" (with a shoulder strap extendable to approx. 47" long).


The cute AT-AT Walker plush utility bag retails for $39.99 from ThinkGeek.