cute bear snow globe salt and pepper shakers

This is one interesting item that has been combined from two completely different items, a set of salt and pepper shakers and snow globes.

Snow globes are quite popular items for decorating homes and pretty fun to play with from time to time. Giving it a good shake will make the scene inside the globe look like it’s snowing. Just like a snow globe, salt and pepper shakers have to be shaken for its contents to fall out for seasoning food. Hence, this clever fusion that makes it a two-in-one item.

Unlike the usual snow globes that are filled with liquid, it will obviously be impossible to fill it with liquid as we require the salt and pepper in their dry state for seasoning our food. Therefore it won’t really look like a snowing scene after using the salt and pepper shakers, but more of a scene where the snow has already fallen with a cute bear sitting right in the middle of it.

A nice and beautiful contrast will be to use the black shaker for white salt and the white shaker for black pepper. One nice kitchen gadget that is both practical for use and also beautiful as a decoration for the dining table.

The cute bear snow globe salt and pepper set retails for $10.01 from Amazon.