cute breakfast themed salt and pepper shakers

A good breakfast is a great start for the day. Besides having your breakfast taste good and satisfying, here’s a set of salt and pepper shakers that not only make your breakfast look brighter but also your other meals for the day.

This set of salt and pepper shakers are shaped like food items from breakfast. The set consist of two pieces, one of which is toast while the other is a sunny-side up egg. They come with faces printed on them, which makes them look twice as cute and will surely bring a smile when you feel blue. Based on preference, you can place salt and pepper in whichever receptacle you prefer and use either or both for adding flavor to your meal.

A cute breakfast-themed salt and pepper set that is good as a useful and decoration for a dining table and also great as a housewarming gift.

The cute breakfast themed egg and toast salt and pepper shaker set retail for $19.99 from Amazon.