cute bunny desk organizer

Need something to make a desk looker brighter and keep you smiling? Here’s one desk organizer that comes in the form of a cute bunny.

This cute bunny is a dual purpose desk organizer that holds paper clips and a pair of scissors.

Made in the form of a rabbit, it holds a carrot that is actually magnetic, so it can be used to hold metallic items such as paper clips in place until they’re needed for use.

Besides the carrot, the bunny holds another useful stationary, which is a pair of scissors made to be disguised as the bunny’s ears. This will surely make one remember to put the scissors back in place every time just because the bunny will never look cute without its ears.

A useful and cute-looking desktop organizer that will make a desk look less boring.

The cute bunny desk organizer retails for $55 from Amazon.