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Here’s one accessory that many can’t go without these days, and that’s an external battery pack for charging your mobile gadgets on the go with.

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cheero power plus danboard power bank 3

While most external battery packs or power banks usually come with a plain and simple look, here’s one that not only doesn’t look plain, but comes in the form of Danboard, the cute little robot with a body made from cardboard packaging boxes.

This external battery pack called the Cheero Danboard Power Plus comes with a capacity of 10400mAh, which is enough to charge an iPhone about four times.

It comes with a microSD input port for charging from an external power source and two USB outputs for charging smartphone and tablets. With this around, you’ll be able to keep your portable gadgets juiced up for usage throughout the day.

A cute yet functional power bank for portable gadgets.

The Cheero Power Plus Danboard retails for $34.99 from Amazon.