cute dachshund salt and pepper shakers

The most common shape for salt and pepper shakers and mills has to be the cylindrical shape, and here’s a set of salt and pepper shakers that also come in a cylindrical shape, but in an interesting way.

This set of salt and pepper shakers is designed in the form of a dog from a breed that is known for its long body, the Dachshund. Its body is made of aluminum, holding the condiments in place while the upper and bottom silicone pieces complete the look.

Compared to other salt and pepper shakers, this dachshund style salt and pepper shakers do not need to be set upright on the table, since they come with legs that let them be set horizontally without rolling off the table. With the lower height, it clears the obstruction on the table when reaching for stuff on the table so they don’t have a chance to be knocked over and potentially creating a mess on the table or floor.

A set of cute kitchen and dining room gadgets suitable for dog-lovers.

The dachshund style salt and pepper shaker set retails for $9.50 from Amazon.