cute dalmatian puppy wall lamp sticker 1

Here’s one cute wall lamp that comes in a cute form, it is made to look like a dalmatian puppy, consisting of a lamp and a set of decals.

cute dalmatian puppy wall lamp sticker 2

cute dalmatian puppy wall lamp sticker 3

This wall lamp is a lamp that’s designed to be hung from a wall. The lamp is actually the puppy’s face, and will light up when connected to the power source and switched on.

Wall stickers are provided and are made for creating the entire body of the dalmatian puppy. In daytime, it looks like a cute wall decoration and at night it turns into a useful piece of lighting for the room. The power cord has also been designed to look like the leash which connects to the puppy’s collar.

A wall lamp that will surely brighten up a kid’s room or a playroom.

The cute dalmatian wall lamp decal retails for $26 from Brando Gadgets.