cute dog shape desk organizer

Desk organizers can come in different shapes and forms, but it’s always nice to pick one that’s cute when given choice. Here’s one cute desk organizer for stationery that’s shaped just like a little dog.

The cute dog shape desk organizer, called the Desk Butler Organizer comes with a few tricks up its sleeve, while it can piggyback an assortment of small objects like clips and push-pins on its back, it comes with a magnetic nose, so you can easily stick a bunch of paperclips there for an easy reach and also to prevent them from getting all over the place.

Right on top there is a slot available that allows a few essential writing tools like pens, pencils to stand upright within. In addition, the doggie’s neck also allows an interesting way to store rubber bands, treating them like collars for this puppy by hanging them around it.

One cool way to spice up your desk with a desk organizer that comes in the shape of a cute red dog.

The cute dog-shaped desk organizer retails for $20 from Moma Store.