cute dog touchscreen stylus 1

Bored of the common stylus that come in the form of a pen-like object? Here’s one that looks more like an animal, albeit a funny looking one.

cute dog touchscreen stylus 2

cute dog touchscreen stylus 3

This touchscreen stylus comes in the form of a dog. While for dogs their strongest sense lies within their nose, this dog uses its nose for interacting with a tablet or smartphone. With it you’ll be able to pair up these pups with your touchscreen gadget not only as an accessory but also as a tool.

Two cute versions are available, the dachshund being the long version for tablets and the retriever as the short version for smartphones.

Definitely one cute touchscreen stylus that will be perfect for dog lovers.

The cute dog touchscreen stylus comes in two sizes and choice of three colors of dog collars for $25 from Japan Trend Shop.