cute dolphin toothbrush holder 1

Looking for a cute toothbrush holder? Here’s one that not only holds one, but hold five toothbrushes. In addition, it comes in a family of dolphins that will add just that bit of cuteness to the bathroom.

cute dolphin toothbrush holder 2

The dolphin toothbrush holder comes with a pair of suction cups at the back, so they can be attached to a mirror or the smooth polished wall tile of a bathroom. The dolphins line up horizontally in a line, with the first dolphin just a bit larger than the rest, which is probably the papa dolphin, which can be used to hold a larger toothbrush.

A toothbrush holder that looks pretty nice, and possibly provide just that bit of encouragement for the young ones to build the habit of brushing their teeth regularly.

The cute dolphin toothbrush holder retails for $8.99 from Amazon.