fuuvi bee cute miniature 8mm dv camera 1

For those who love to take video clips and have an interest in making your own movies, the 8mm format is surely no stranger to you. This iconic 8mm vintage camera is definitely one of the iconic video cameras for movie making. Here’s one that’s made into a cute and miniature shape that’s sure make taking videos more fun and enjoyable.

fuuvi bee cute miniature 8mm dv camera 2

fuuvi bee cute miniature 8mm dv camera 3

fuuvi bee cute miniature 8mm dv camera 4

The Fuuvi Bee is a miniature and cute form of the vintage 8mm DV camera that is made so small and compact you can carry it wherever you go. Wherever you spot a scene that will look great for your collection you can simply whip it out and take a shot and look like an amateur movie-maker.

Just like the original style camera, the vertical and handle support makes it useful for holding the camera steadily and with the button at the front it lets your index finger act like a trigger, which makes taking pictures a snap. It doesn’t come with a LCD display due to its size, but using the viewfinder does make it feel more retro.

The Fuuvi Bee measures 76×73×20 mm in size, runs on a USB rechargeable battery that will allow to it run for 100 minutes in movie recording mode. It is capable of capturing still images at 1280×960 and videos at 640×480 30fps with its 1.3 megapixels CMOS sensor.

Available in black or white designs at Fuuvi Japan for 4,830 yen a piece.