hello kitty usb wall charger 1

USB chargers can be found in different forms these days, and here’s one that comes in the cute cute design of the famous kitty cat from Japan, Hello Kitty.

hello kitty usb wall charger 2

This is a USB charger that is made to be plugged into a wall outlet. Being able to accept voltages ranging from 100-240 volts, it can be used anywhere around the world as long as you have a compatible plug adaptor outside of US/Japan. It will provide 1 Amp of current which is suitable for most current smartphones and tablets.

Instead of using a plain-looking USB charger, using one that looks unique will make it stand out from the common crowd. In addition, when left on a power outlet, it acts as a nice decoration that covers up the otherwise ugly-looking wall socket.

A cute USB charger perfect for Hello Kitty fans.

The cute Hello Kitty USB wall charger retails for 1,980 yen from Hamee.