cute hello kitty mp3 player 1

If you’re a Hello Kitty fan and love to listen to music, then you can’t miss out on this cute Hello Kitty MP3 player. This mini and cute little MP3 player comes in the form of Kitty’s face and comes simply with a earphone jack and simple controls at the back.

cute hello kitty mp3 player 2

cute hello kitty mp3 player 3

cute hello kitty mp3 player 4

cute hello kitty mp3 player 5

While it doesn’t come with a LCD display like many MP3 players, the simple and easy to use controls does make it quite convenient as a device just for listening to tunes. Not forgetting the main attraction of Hello Kitty, that it.

Without an LCD display, it also saves precious battery power and makes it more efficient as compared to MP3 players that come with a display, which draws quite a bit of power which could otherwise be used to play more songs and let the MP3 player run for a longer time.

The cute Hello Kitty MP3 player comes with 2GB capacity and retails for $50 at FredFlare.