cute iboo ipod iphone docking station

Here’s one docking station that looks just like one of the ghost characters in Pac-Man that works with iPods and iPhone. Not only does it work as a docking station, it also comes with speakers that will play audio from your device.

The iBoo stereo docking station is a stereo 2.1 speaker system that works with iPods and iPhones. It comes with 3 speakers and 2 of the speakers actually make up the eyes of this cute looking ghost. Touch controls can be found at the top of the head, therefore there are no buttons making its overall surface smooth and sleek.

The main attractiveness has to be the design it comes in, a cute looking ghost that won’t really scare anyone but makes them smile instead.

Apart from the iPod and iPhone interface, a 3.5mm auxiliary input is also built into the device allowing for it to play audio from other devices.

The cute iBoo iPhone iPod and iPhone docking station retails for $64.95 from Amazon.