cute kaomoji face sliced bread toaster

Using kaomoji or Japanese emoji is a fun and quick way to communicate emotions in text messaging. Here’s one appliance that produces kaomoji as well, but is not for the screen of a smartphone or computer, but for edible toast.

This is a toaster by the name of ‘Kaomoji Pop-Up Toaster’ that works like a sliced bread toaster. However unlike the conventional toaster that turns the entire surface of a slice of bread brown, this kaomoji toaster ‘prints’ a two-toned kaomoji face on it. Therefore, instead of simply eating toast, u get your day started with the cute kaomoji toast that greets you during breakfast.

One cool way of enjoying toast in a fun way.

The cute kaomoji printing sliced bread toasted retails for 1 ,100 yen from Amazon Japan.