miniature food-themed earphone anti-dust plugs

If you own a gadget like a mobile phone, media player and notebook computer you will not be unfamiliar with the very common 3.5mm audio output jack where you connect earphones and speakers to listen to sound from your devices. When they are left unused in the open, dust and moisture can get into the void of the audio port that may cause the contacts to corrode in bad conditions, leaving you with a faulty earphone audio connector and possibly a useless device.

miniature food-themed earphone anti-dust plugs beefminiature food-themed earphone anti-dust plugs ham sandwich

miniature food-themed earphone anti-dust plugs onigiriminiature food-themed earphone anti-dust plugs shumai

A way to solve this problem is to cut off the jack from an old or faulty earphone and connect it to the port so that it can be covered and protected from dust and water. However it doesn’t really look good to the eyes, so here’s a bunch of cute Japanese food-themed anti-dust earphone plugs that not only do the job of keeping dust and moisture out but also make your gadgets look twice as cute.

The earphone anti-dust accessories come with miniaturized food items on top like beef, ham sandwich, onigiri and shumai; which will surely make one feel hungry just by looking at them sticking out of your earphone port.

The cute Japanese miniature food-themed anti-dust earphone plugs retail for 680 yen each from Strapya-World.