cute kitty paw mousepad with wrist rest 1

Besides allowing computer mice to have better tracking and smoother movement, mousepads can also help with ergonomics and comfort when they come with a wrist rest built into it. Instead of having a generic one that looks plain and non-appealing, this cute kitty paw mousepad from Japan sure does fill a unique spot in the department of cuteness.

cute kitty paw mousepad with wrist rest 2

The soft spots that look just like the toe beans of a kitten are soft to the touch and will provide the wrist with a place to rest on. Just like other mousepads with wrist rests they will help to avoid carpal tunnel syndrome associated to prolonged stress on the wrist joint while using a computer mouse. The mousepad is ambidextrous as well, so right handers and southpaws will have no problems using a computer mouse with either hand while resting on it.

If one gets bored or stressed out after working long hours in front of the computer, the soft bumps on the kitty paw mouse pad can also act like stress toys for squeezing and poking over and over again for a quick stress relief.

A kitty paw mousepad with a simplistic yet cute design which is perfect gift for feline lovers. Available for 1,200 yen at Rakuten.