cute mickey mouse shape egg ring 1

Bring a slice of fun into breakfast with an egg ring. Not with just an ordinary egg ring that shapes sunny-side up fried eggs into simple rings, but one that actually turned them into the famous silhouette shape of Mickey Mouse.

The Mickey Mouse egg ring comes is a non-stick egg ring that comes with a wooden handle. What you need to do is to heat up a pan, put the egg ring in place and crack an egg into it. When the egg has solidified and cooked, you get a cute and tasty-looking egg that comes in the shape of the famous cartoon character.

Not only can the egg-ring be used for frying eggs, it can also be used for pancakes too. Pancakes shaped like Mickey Mouse is definitely the perfect treat for the young ones and the young at heart.

The cute Mickey Mouse shape egg ring retails for $6.20 from Amazon.