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USB AC adaptors to put it simply are gadgets that convert electricity from AC mains into DC power that’s equal to that coming out from the USB ports of computers and laptops. This makes it possible to charge gadgets without using a computer or laptop as long as there’s an AC outlet available. There are many types of USB AC adaptors available today but unlike those that come in boring and dull shapes, here’s a cute one that comes in the form of everyone’s favorite cartoon mouse, Mickey Mouse.

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cute pink mickey mouse usb ac adaptor 4


This Mickey Mouse USB AC adaptor comes with a foldable plug at the back making it compact for carrying around and also a single USB port that can be connector to the charging cable from smartphones and media players. Besides coming in the shape of Mickey Mouse, it is also colored in pink for added cuteness.

One compact USB AC adaptor that is small and convenient to carry around and provides a simple solution for charging your gadgets on the go. It accepts voltages from 100V through 240V so it will be compatible with AC power everywhere in the world, making it a suitable charging companion for your gadgets during trips and vacations.

The cute pink Mickey Mouse USB AC adaptor retails for 1,409 yen from Rakuten Global.