rilakkuma eyewear stand 1

It can be hard to find your specs sometimes after getting up, especially if one has the habit of not placing them at the same spot before going to sleep. With the visual impairment caused by short-sightedness and the groggy feeling after waking up, precious time can be lost when trying to perform simple tasks like locating a pair of specs in the morning. This cute Rilakkuma eyewear stand will be very useful for such situations.

rilakkuma eyewear stand 2

rilakkuma eyewear stand 3

Using his two hands, Rilakkuma will prop up your spectacles and provide a place for them to be held until you wake up. By making it a habit to place your eyewear at the same spot every night before you sleep, on Rilakkuma in this case, your spectacles will never find their way to floor to be damaged from falling impact or crushed by clumsy feet and you’ll never have to wake up to a ‘spectacle hunt’ event each morning.

This cute Rilakkuma eyewear stand is also great for holding a pair of sunglasses when not in use, which not only makes it very useful but also makes him look cool and fashionable at the same time. It comes with a compartment at the back which is suitable for storing small accessories like rings and earrings.

The Rilakkuma eyewear stand retails for 1,327 yen at Rakuten Global.