shark teeth tea infuser

Here’s one shark that doesn’t live in the sea, but tries hard to strike fear right from a tea cup.

The Shark Teeth is a tea infuser that is made into the likes of a cute shark trying to look fearsome. Put some loose tea leaves inside the infuser and add it to the cup of hot water, and a cup of tea will be ready in a few minutes.

Fortunately, by putting this shark into a cup of hot water won’t turn it into seafood soup, but will give you the exact blend of tea that you actually want to drink.

The infuser is designed such that the shark’s mouth will be able to hang on the side, giving the look of the shark biting the rim of the tea cup. This also makes it easy to remove the infuser from the cup without the need of extra tools.

An cute and interesting shark-themed tea infuser that makes having a cup of tea feel somewhat adventurous.

The Shark Teeth tea infuser retails for $12.79 from Perpetual Kid.