cute sheep cardboard shelf 1

These cute cardboard shelves comes in an unusual but cool shape in the form of a sheep. Not only are they minimalistic in terms of design, they are also eco-friendly as biodegradable cardboard is used as its main material.

cute sheep cardboard shelf 2

The good thing about a simple cardboard shelf like this is the ease for urban nomads who pack and move place often. There is often quite a bit of time wasted when it comes to packing and settling in a new home. Not only does a shelf like this provide an instant spot to place stuff on, the fact that it can be assembled and disassembled easily to and from a flat pack of cardboard pieces is a great convenience, thereby saving precious time.

Sure one can simply build a makeshift bookshelf from a bunch of open-top cardboard boxes stack horizontally and sideways, but they’ll look nowhere as cute as this sheep-shaped cardboard shelf. The sheep cardboard shelves are available in three designs Ram, Ewe and Lamb and their prices range from $12-$72 at Karton.