If you regard your collection of optical discs as ammo for launching at your annoying sibling, then you’ll appreciate what Norazza Inc has done to ensure that they continue to work after being thrown like a frisbee across your living room.

d_skin Protective Skin

d_skin Protective Skin 2

The d_skin is a protective sleeve you put over the read side of an optical disc. Any accidental or deliberate intention to inflict scratches on your discs will be successfully shielded by the protective skin. It not only protects your optical discs from scratching outside the player, it can be left on the disc and placed onto the tray of the player for playback as well. Pretty useful especially when you decide to watch your limited edition Lord Of The Rings trilogy with a dvd-player from hell.

The protective skin is compatible with any standard sized cd and dvd disc including blu-ray and hd-dvd discs. It’s a simple and functional item to protect your optical discs with and therefore ensuring that your relatives will be able to enjoy (read: endure) your televised audition in Singapore Idol year after year during the festive season.

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