water dancing fountain speaker 1

Electronics and water don’t usually mix in a good way, and it can possibly spell disaster if a cup of water were to get accidently poured over a laptop or mobile phone. However here’s one speaker that seem to defy all that logic, as it comes with a water feature that dances when sound is played.

water dancing fountain speaker 2

This dancing water speaker is a speaker that comes with an inbuilt mini water fountain and a light show. When sound or music gets played from the speakers, the water comes to life as it gets pumped out of the speaker just like a real dancing water fountain. According to the volume of the sound or music, the dancing water fountain reacts by changing its amplitude as well.

Thankfully, the dancing water feature is enclosed in its own space within a long transparent tube which allows it to be viewed but prevents the water from flowing out and potentially harming any electronic or electrical device that is on the table or on the floor.

Watch the video of the dancing water fountain music speaker in action below:



A beautiful speaker that brings beautiful flowing water to the computing table where it is traditionally forbidden to be at.

The dancing water speaker retails for 3,700 yen from Strapya-World.