darth vader minifig headlamp

Here’s one head lamp that comes from the dark side, but won’t leave you in the dark, a head lamp that features a Lego minifig in the likes of Darth Vader from Star Wars.

This head lamp comes in two parts, one which is the headband, and the other is the Darth Vader LED minifig that can be used as a head lamp when clipped on or as a portable LED flashlight when taken off.

With the headband, you’ll won’t need to be searching for things in the dark and since it’s secured on your forehead, both hands will be free to do what you need to do in the dark. When you’re done you can simply store it in a convenient spot or remove it from the headband and clip it to a shirt pocket or belt for portability.

A cool-looking portable LED head lamp that will be perfect for Star Wars fans.

The Darth Vader Lego minifig head lamp retails for $28.87 from Amazon.