darwin bbq foldable bbq briefcase grill 1

Wish you could bring a BBQ wherever you go? Well not exactly everywhere, but a BBQ grill that is portable enough that it can be easily carried for BBQ sessions at any place you desire to.

darwin bbq foldable bbq briefcase grill 2

This Darwin BBQ is a BBQ grill with a ash pan that fits in a briefcase. The briefcase that acts as the casing of the BBQ also acts as the stand. When the parts of the Darwin BBQ are assembled, it forms a triangular shaped barbeque grill that is large enough to fit 3-4 burger patties, which is good enough for a nice BBQ dinner out in the summer.

When everything is done, simple pack the BBQ grill and ash pan back into the briefcase and you’re off to go.


  • The Darwin is a portable triangular barbecue.
  • Nifty fold-out design.
  • Great for the beach, the garden, camping.
  • Removable ash pan for easy cleaning.  
  • Made from durable steel.
  • Carry-case design for easy transporting.
  • Suitable for ages 18 years +.


The Darwin BBQ briefcase-sized foldable BBQ grill measures 30 x 6 x 21 cm when folded and retails for €32.49 from I Want One Of Those.