For non touch typists and non-regular MSN chatterboxes, the most time consuming thing to do while typing is having to constantly switch your focus between the monitor and the keyboard to find the next character to type.

Das Keyboard

The Das Keyboard is designed to allow human adaptation to the keyboard by not printing any labels on the keys. By improving the tactile feedback of the keys and applying a few ergonomic curves to the ‘F’ and ‘J’ buttons, the keyboard prepares the user to remember the keys permanently by touch.

The idea is that if you do not need to look down at your keyboard, you save precious milliseconds switching focus and avoid straining your neck looking up and down during typing. Over time the human brain remembers the positions of the keys and you would have developed your own style of effective touch-typing.

The price tag for this keyboard is US$79.95 and unless you are serious about eliminating the need to look at the keyboard while typing, it may seem to be pretty costly. Hence, a cheaper alternative is to just become a habitual chatterbox on Windows Live Messenger or other instant messaging networks out there.

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