Deadliest Catch Alaskan Storm game for Xbox 360 and PC

If you have ever channel surfed onto Discovery Channel or watched an episode of The Deadliest Catch before, you will be aware that enormous Alaskan crabs do not arrive on the dinner table on their own, but are fished by dedicated groups of fisherman off the Bering sea in harsh Alaskan waters from the end of the year till the early months of the next, known as the king crab season.

This show is one of the most captivating and interesting I have ever seen, and is a reality-like documentary about the work of the fisherman and the relationship with their captains. One of the most famous of all would be Captain Sig Hansen of Norwegian ancestry, who operates the Northwestern, a large crab boat that rakes in the big bucks every season.

In the Deadliest Catch Alaskan Storm game, the player will roleplay as the captain of a ship, where they can choose a fishing vessel out of five to control. Obviously the most famous being the Northwestern and the Cornelia Marie. There is also a customising option where you get to build a complete boat of your own to face the raging Bering Sea.

With the help of the Hansen brothers, the game developers spent quite a bit of time designing the game to match as closely to reality as possible, making this a simulation game of some sorts.

The most interesting and exciting part of playing the game would definitely be riding the waves just like on tv; but at least your life would not be in peril after being slammed sideways by a rogue wave. Not forgetting the weather such as ice that makes the vessel top-heavy where you need to get your men to crack the ice or dump your pots somewhere fast.

The Deadliest Catch Alaskan Storm game will be available from April 2008 and you can check out for videos of captains and crewmembers featured on Deadliest Catch tv series talking about the game.

via 360-hq