decorative insect shaped solar powered garden lights 1

There are certain times during the year where beautiful insects such as dragonflies or butterflies can be hard to spot. Instead of trying to get them to come to your garden, you can simply place them right where you are with these insect-shaped solar garden lights.

decorative insect shaped solar powered garden lights 2decorative insect shaped solar powered garden lights 3

These decorative solar garden light come in three designs in a set, two of which are the dragonfly and butterfly, while the third is a favorite of many, the hummingbird. They come with internal rechargeable battery which charges under the sun in the day and automatically switches on to produce an array of colors when night falls.

Product Features:

  • transparent hummingbird, butterfly and dragonfly constantly cycles from red to green to blue once dusk falls
  • Solar panel charges the battery during the day
  • Changes color in a red-green-blue sequence
  • LED turns on automatically at dusk
  • Includes three 30" tall stakes

A set of solar lights that will accentuate and beautify a garden or porch during the night.

The decorative insect solar garden lights retail for $19.99 per set from Amazon.