sliced bread notebook 1

Here’s one notebook that can’t be eaten, but looks as though it can be eaten because it is made to look like a slice of bread.

sliced bread notebook 2

sliced bread notebook 3

This is a notebook made for writing stuff on, which is just about what they’re good for. However what makes this one interesting is that it is made to look like a piece of sliced bread.

While the best place for it would be on the kitchen table or coffee table to complete the look, it will still be functional as a notebook wherever you put it. Contrastingly, having it placed in places other than where a slice of bread can be found will add an element of surprise – just be sure not to mistake it for the real thing and try to take a bite out of it.

A notebook that is tasty-looking yet useful at the same time.

The delicious and realistic looking sliced bread notebook retails for HK$99.00 from Daycraft.