red apple smartphone stand 1

Here’s a fresh-looking smartphone stand from the Strapya series of delicious food smartphone stands. By fresh, we mean the look of a freshly cut fruit, and in this case, a tasty-looking red apple.

red apple smartphone stand 2

red apple smartphone stand 3

This red apple isn’t meant to be eaten, but to be used as a stand for a smartphone or tablet. Made of a plastic material, it is made to look like a realistic fresh red apple, representative of the famous food sample art that originates from Japan.

The overall look of the stand is an apple with a portion in the middle cut off, allowing the bottom edge of a smartphone or tablet to be wedged in it for keeping it standing up. This allows for convenient hands-free viewing for usage on any flat surface. When used at a dining table or coffee table, as it looks just like a food item it won’t look out of place even when left on the table. In addition, with its tasty look it will surely make one crave for a tasty and healthy apple now and then.

An interesting food-themed smartphone and tablet accessory that will is not only useful but will also surprise and fool your friends.

The delicious red apple smartphone stand retails for $30.61 from Amazon.